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811 Know What's Below, Call Before You DigYour safety is our number one priority.

Planning on planting a new garden, installing a fence, or landscaping a space on your property? Make sure to contact Missouri One Call to ensure your project will not result in hitting any electrical or gas lines.

  • Consultations are quick, simple and free to schedule
  • Schedule 72 hours prior to your project’s start date and you’ll be all set
  • Lines will be marked with flags or paint to indicate where you cannot dig


If you smell gas, act fast!

Natural gas is naturally odor free, so an odorant is added for smell. The smell is distinct and often smells like rotten eggs, however some people may be less sensitive to the odor or unable to smell it. For these reasons, you should respond to even the faintest odor of gas immediately.

If you smell natural gas and suspect a small natural gas leak in your home, take the following steps:

  • Open all doors and windows.
  • If possible, check to see if appliance burners are fully off and pilot lights (if any) are lit.
  • Call Summit Natural Gas at our 24-hour emergency number, 855-460-0021.

If the odor inside is strong and you think you may have a large natural gas leak, follow these instructions:

  • Do NOT try to find the leak source or turn off valves or appliances.
  • Do NOT operate any electrical, battery, or mechanical devices (including phones).
  • Leave the premises immediately and take all occupants with you.
  • Call Summit Natural Gas at our 24-hour emergency number, 855-460-0021 from a safe location.
  • Do NOT re-enter the building until it has been declared safe.

If you detect an odor of natural gas outside, take these steps:

  • Stay away from the suspected leak area.
  • Call Summit Natural Gas at our 24-hour emergency number, 855-460-0021 from a safe location.

Summit Natural Gas has emergency service personnel on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

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Gas Safety

Summit Natural Gas is dedicated to your safetySafety is of the highest importance in the natural gas industry. If you believe you have a natural gas emergency, call 855-460-0021.


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"Summit has been very open and willing to work with other companies in the area. They have been a great community partner in all aspects. Their professionalism from the top management to the sub-contractors has been a wonderful experience for all of us that are involved."

-Mike Kenagy, Executive Director
Lake West Chamber of Commerce


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